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The Nordic Operating Room Nurses Association (NORNA) is an organization for operating room nurses (OR nurses) in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland (and previously also Sweden), founded in 1993.

NORNA is concerned with safeguarding the interests of operating room nurses (OR), and promoting their professional competence. We work to maintain the highest standards of practice, firmly rooted in evidence-based methods. In addition, the organization actively promotes collaboration and networking opportunities across the Nordic countries through Nordic conferences and network groups.

NORNA is dedicated to working for the best possible safety and security for the patients during the surgical procedure. OR nurses practice their profession on an independent basis in interaction with the entire surgical team all with the patient’s well-being at the forefront. The operating patient is dependent on the operating nurse’s knowledge and competence to carefully plan, organize and implement measures to prevent unwanted incidents during the operation.



NORNA’s main vision is to put the surgical patient in focus. Our aim in all work is to continuously undergo progress and quality in patients perioperative care.



  • promote the knowledge, skills and roles of the operation room (OR) nursing profession within perioperative activities
  • encourage research, scientific projects and development in OR-nursing to generate new knowledge, strengthen our decision foundation and elevate the quality of our services.
  • Be a resourceful network in the Nordic countries, by stimulateing, promoting and encourageing cooperation and knowledge exchange, collaborations and exchange knowledge within the profession.
  • Work together in the national associations to develop equal educational levels in the Nordic countries.
  • Encourage and collaborate towards the establishment of a Master-level education program in OR-nursing in all Nordic countries.
  • Encourage and facilitating exchanges for students and OR-nurses.
  • Arranging congress for OR-nurses every 2 year. (First time in 2005)

Professional knowledge and competence are important during surgical procedures to take care of the surgical patient and patient safety. Being a professional practitioner means that we possess assessment and action competence to act independently. A professional operating room nurse is taking care of vulnerable patients’ best interests and acting as “patients voice” during operation.

Our goal is to prevent unwanted incidents and damages during the surgical intervention. 

Educational requirements for operationgroom nurses in the nordic countries (pdf.)


  • NORNA consists of a maximum of 2 representatives from each of the Nordic countries’ national boards.
  • Each year one of the countries is acting as spokesperson, and is chosen alternately among the Nordic countries.
  • The country which is acting as spokesperson is responsible for the holding of two annual meetings, one in spring (March) and one in autumn (October).
picture of the NORNA board 2024

NORNA Board – Be free to contact us if you need more information.

Name Country and website Contact information
Vilija Jeksrud Norway,
Astrid Wevling Norway,
Jonna Kantala Finland
Anu Rahko Finland
Christina Als Denmark
Naja Nielsen Denmark
Guðrún Valdimarsdóttir Island,
Vilborg Sveinbjornsdottir Island
Anne Marie Nilsson
(contact person not board member – Sweden)

NORNA conference
The first Nordic Congress for Operating Room Nurses was held in Uppsala, Sweden, in 2005. The Congress theme was “Upplevelser, säkerhet och hälsa”.

There is more about the last conference in Bergen September 2023 in (

NORNA 7TH Conference – See you in Reykjavik Island 10 – 12 Sept 2025, Save the date. More information will come

Current congresses in the Nordic region

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Evidence- based procedures and subject of interest

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