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NORNA-Kongressen 2016 – Utvidet deadline for innsending av abstract

NORNA-kongressen 2016, som skal avholdes 27. – 28. oktober i København, tar enda imot abstracts, og har utvidet sin deadline for innsending til 15. mars!

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Fra kongressens sider om innsending av abstract:

The theme of the congress is perioperative nurses in education and practice.
The main focus for the scientific program will be education and best clinical practice to improve the quality of perioperative nursing.

•    Education: ex. Academic education, new employee introduction, E-learning
•    Perioperative/ Clinical practice: ex. Perioperative care in general, children, geriatric, surgical specialty groups, patient safety

Abstracts in general subject areas relevant to perioperative nursing are also welcome. ex.

•    Scientific research: ex. Evidence based practice, quality assurance, qualitative research, quantitative research
•    Leadership/ management: ex. patient flow issues, nurse/patient ratio, staff safety

Congress language is English.
Abstract can only be submitted and presented in English.

Abstracts submission guidelines:
Abstracts can be submitted for oral or poster presentations.
Oral presentation time: 20 min. incl. questions.
Keywords: max 4
Maximum 250 words.