Operasjonssykepleierne NSF

Utdanning: Spesialisering innen pediatrisk kirurgi – Høsten 2021

Høsten 2021 starter et nytt kull for utdanning av operasjonssykepleiere for spesialisering innen pediatrisk kirurgi, ved Karolinska Institutet i Stockholm.

Utdanningen er for operasjonssykpeleiere fra hele Norden, og vil gi deg som operasjonssykepleier dypere kunnskap innen de spesifikke utfordringene som oppstår når barn gjennomgår kirurgiske inngrep. Utdanningen starter i september 2021, og pågår over høsten 2021 og våren 2022.

Søknadsfrist: 15. juni 2021

Søknadsfristen er utsatt til 2. august 2021

Les mer og meld deg på via Karolinska Institutet sine nettsider!

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Dear Nordic Colleagues,

Here is an updated information concerning the course in Pediatric Perioperative operating room nursing care, which starts in the autumn of 2021 with the hope that you want to strengthen, collaborate and support the development in pediatric surgery by sending your Operating Room Nurses employees to this course.

The course provides in-depth theoretical and practical, knowledge in perioperative pediatric surgical care, advanced level, 15 credits, is run at half speed and is carried out in collaboration with KI, Karolinska Institute/ KBH (unit for Women’s and Children’s Health).

The course is rich in content with lectures on various surgeries / methods, the child’s physiology, ethics, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and complicated nursing situations linked to when children are operated on, to name a small part of the course content.

Furthermore, group discussions, seminars, written / oral assignments and a VIL placement in another operating room are included.

Our hope is that you from the Nordic country’s Surgical Clinics where children are also operated on, see the value of this course which primarily intends to contribute to good nursing development in pediatric perioperative surgical care with the aim of promoting quality of care and patient safety for children operated on in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been, more or less, a major challenge for all of us, of course. The vaccinations are now in full swing and we hope that it will soon be possible to meet again.

The course has three meetings: 23-24 / 9, 24-25 / 3 and 3/6 2022 (end). Depending on what the pandemic situation looks like, the course days take place physically  in Astrid Lindgrens Children’s Hospital/ALB / NKS in Stockholm, Sweden or via Zoom.

The VIL (operational integrated learning) placement during Spring 2022 is 3 weeks (2 in another operating unit and 1 in the own operating department).

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Registration, see link below:


Deadline for registration 15 June 2021 !!

Hope for your support in this educational training effort for operating room nurses who care for children undergoing surgery!


Irini Antoniadou

Utbildningsledare /Educator leader
Barnoperation/ Barn PMI
Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, NKS/B 6:20

Eugeniavägen 11 
171 64 Solna, Sweden
Email: irini.antoniadou@sll.se

Arbete: 08-51777277

Sms: 0725824813