Den 9. EORNA-Kongressen arrangeres 16.-19. mai 2019, i Haag, Nederland.

Det vitenskapelig programmet vil bestå av innovative og interessante temaer, med foredrag, presentasjon av postere og workshops. Kongressen vil være en fantastisk mulighet til å lære og å dele kunnskap og erfaringer med kolleger fra Europa – kongressen i Hellas, 2017 hadde deltakere fra over 40 forskjellige land!

Kongressens tema er ON THE MOVE – en tittel som forteller at yrket vårt konstant beveger seg fremover i retning av bedre peroperativ omsorg, med mer avansert teknologi for kvalitet og pasienttrygghet i operasjonssalen. 

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Den vitenskapelige komiteen er svært interessert i abstracts som omhandler vitenskapelig forskning, peroperativ/klinisk praksis, utdanning, ledelse/administrasjon, pasienttrygghet, og sunne arbeidsplasser.

Frist for å sende inn abstract for foredrag er 15. juli 2018
Frist for å sende inn abstract for posterpresentasjon vil være tidlig 2019

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Velkomstadresse fra kongressens komite

Dear Perioperative Colleagues, 
On behalf of EORNA and its Organising Committee, it is a great pleasure for us to invite you to attend the 9th biennial congress of the European Operating Room Nurses Association. The congress will be held in The Netherlands in the beautiful city of The Hague from 16 to 19 May 2019.  It will be a great moment bringing together all committed nurses, leaders and perioperative professionals.

The scientific programme will offer delegates a wide range of innovative and interesting topics, with oral presentations, poster sessions and workshops. During the last congress held in Greece in 2017, EORNA welcomed delegates from over 40 countries. It is a huge opportunity to learn and to share knowledge with colleagues from around the world. The first call for abstracts will be in January, 2018.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands, also called Holland, is famous for many things such as tulips, architecture, windmills, famous painters like Rembrandt, Van Gogh and many others. You will discover the international city of The Hague with its longstanding buildings where its history was forged, and a modern, world-class architecture. 
The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands, the residence of the Royal Family, the seat of the Dutch government and the city of storks. The stork appears on the coat of arms and the logo of the municipality.  The Hague is also an international city of peace and justice. 

The congress theme is “ON THE MOVE”. With this title we indicate that our profession is constantly moving forward to enhance perioperative care, with more advanced technology for quality and safety of patient care in operating theaters. All these developments require the attention and commitment of the entire surgical team. Besides that, it is not only the operating room environment which is moving, but also the world around us. Thus, we know how essential it is to have up-to-date knowledge and to be prepared for any eventuality. 

The Dutch Association LVO is very proud to host the 9th EORNA Congress in The Netherlands and to organise a warm welcome for all delegates. 
We are sure to offer you a fantastic and unforgettable congress. 
So, join us in The Hague.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

May Karam EORNA President
Henk Folkerstma Chair of the Organising Committee 
Jaana Perttunen  Chair of the Scientific Committee