Presentasjoner fra NORNA/ Seminardager

Alle presentasjoner fra NORNA og Seminardager Bergen 6.-8. september er publisert i programmet (pdf.)
Presentations NORNA i program (pdf.)


Ana Schippert
Torture survivors in the surgical ward: Recommendations to prevent retraumatization during surgical treatment

Jonna Kantala
Perioperative Nurses’ Intention to Leave and its Determinants – Perspectives on Nursing Staff Shortage in Finland

Birgitte Tørring
Mutual respect – an essential relational dimension that is crucial in collaboration in surgical teams

Helga Sif Friðjónsdóttir
What does the future behold for the nursing profession?


Engelsk parallell 7.-8. september

Norsk parallell 7. september

Norsk parallell 8. september


What challenges do operating room nurses in the Nordic region experience?
Presentation Denmark – Anette (pdf.)
Presentation Island – Vilborg (pdf.)
Presentation Finland – Anu (pdf.)
Presentation Sweden – Lasse (pdf.)