Program NORNA| Seminardager NSFLOS 2023

Preliminary program NORNA| Seminardager NSFLOS 06.-08. September 2023

Program NORNA and Seminardager NSFLOS 2023 (pdf.)

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Wednesday 06.09

18.00 – 19.00 Municipal reception in Håkonshallen with fingerfood

Thursday 07.07

09.30-10.00 Opening of the exhibition by  NAORN  Vestland local president
Moderator: Marianne Jungersen
10.00-10.45 Opening of the congress by NAORN president Petrin Eide
10.45-11.00 Virtual greetings from NSF president Lill Sverresdatter Larsen
11.00-12.00 Keynote speaker Norway Ana Carla Schippert (about this presentation and keynote speaker)

Title: Torture survivors in the surgical ward: Recommendations to prevent retraumatization during surgical treatment

12.00–13.00 Exhibition
12.00-12.30 Posterwalk
13.00-14.00 Lunch




English parallel

Norwegian parallel

  Moderator: Astrid Wevling Moderator:
  Abstract 1: The association between Patient Safety Culture and
Adverse Events- a scoping review
Oral speaker: Magnhild Vikan
Abstrakt 1: “Operasjonssykepleierens erfaringer fra covid-19 pandemien
-læring knyttet til oppgavedeling”.
Ved: Stein Ove Danielsen
  Abstract 2: Perioperative temperature monitoring for patient safety:
A period prevalence study of five hospitals.
Oral speaker: Judy Munday
Abstrakt 2: «Hvordan opplever pasienter som gjennomgår tåreveisoperasjon
den postoperative fasen, og hvordan har de forberedt seg til operasjonen og tiden etterpå?» 
Ved: Elisabeth Svanevik og  Isabella Christine V. Cerda
  Abstract 3: “Making operating room nurses’ non-technical skills visible”.
Oral speaker: Irene Sirevåg
Abstrakt 3: 
Ved: Fred Ivan Kvam
15.30-16.00 Exhibition/ coffee break
16.00-17.00 Keynote speaker Finland; Jonna Kantala (about this presentation and keynote speaker)

Title: “Perioperative Nurses’ Intention to Leave and its Determinants – Perspectives on Nursing Staff Shortage in Finland”

19.00 Aperitif in the exhibition hall
19.30 Congress dinner with entertainment

Friday 08.09

08.30-08.45 Welcome and good morning
Moderator: Naja Nielsen
08.45-09.45 Keynote speaker Denmark: Birgitte Tørring (about this keynote speaker)

Title: Mutual respect – an essential relational dimension that is crucial in collaboration in surgical teams. 

09.45 – 10.00 Exhibition/ coffee break
10.00-11.30 English parallel Norwegian parallel
  Moderator Moderator
  Abstract 4 “Splash basins- clean or contaminated?” A quantitative study on bacterial growth
in splash basins used to clean surgical instruments perioperatively.
Oral speaker: Linda Helen Helgeland and Karoline Stavang Michalsen
Abstrakt 4 «Operasjonssykepleieres bidrag til helhetlig sykepleie på operasjonsstuen».
Ved: Nina Maria Grønn Hvinden
  Abstract 5: How do operating room nurse students
experience the learning environment in the operating room?
Oral speaker: Lena Rengård Kolstad
Abstrakt 5
Ved: Lena Rengård Kolstad og Bente Tyli
  Abstract 6 “Patients` experiences of selftreatment at home after day surgery”
Oral speaker: Linda Mæland
Abstract 6
11.30-12.30 Lunch
12.30 – 13.30 Exhibition
Moderator: Gudrun
13.30 – 14.30 Keynote speaker Island: Helga Sif Friðjónsdóttir (about this presentation and key note speaker)

Title: Back to the future: what will nurses do?

14.30-15.45 What challenges do operating room nurses in the Nordic region experience?

Brief presentation of representatives from the various countries. Ten minutes each, before questions and panel discussion.

15.45-16.00 Closing the congress and presentation of EORNA 2024 and NORNA 2025