Generalforsamling, NORNA og seminardager | 2023

    Generalforsamling, NORNA og Seminardager ble avholdt i Bergen 6.-8. september.
    På NSF sine nettsider finnes en oppsummering fra Generalforsamling, NORNA og seminardager 2023 (

    Generalforsamlingen ble avholdt 6.9
    Hovedsakene på GF var årsberetningen til styret og lokalgruppene for 2021-2023, regnskap 2021 og 2022, budsjett 2023, forslag om endring av navn og logo på faggruppen, forslag om ny ansvars- og funksjonsbeskrivelse for operasjonssykepleiere, årets ildsjeler og valg av kandidater.
    Protokoll Generalforsamlingen 06.09.2023 (pdf.)

    Saken om ldsjelene ble presentert under festmiddagen 7.9 (

    Stipen og reisestipend
    Det ble utdelt stipend til:

    • Pauline Haugaas, AHUS - Master
    • Ina-Mette Sandåker, SS Arendal - Reise
    • Edona Shamolli, AHUS - Master
    • Ann-Kristin Arnegård, AHUS - Reise
    • Quyen Tran, SØ - Reise

    Presentasjoner fra NORNA/ Seminardager
    Presentasjoner og informasjon om forelsere finnes i lenke under hver forelesning i selve programmet ( 

    Vi takker for hyggelige, inspirerende og lærerrike dager i Bergen!
    Nedenfor finnes utvalgte bilder av deltakere på kongressen som har samtykket til publisering 

    Stemningsbilde NORNA
    Festmiddag NORNA
    Stemningsbilde NORNA
    Kulturelt innslag NORNA
    Kulturelt innslag NORNA
    Stemningsbilde NORNA
    Stemningsbilde NORNA
    Stemningsbilde NORNA
    Stemningsbilde NORNA
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    Årets ildsjeler 2023

    Styret i NSFLOS og lokalgruppeledere ville gjerne hedre ildsjeler som har stått på for faget, og arbeidet mye for vår sak.
    Det ble tidligere å år derfor vedtatt at organisasjonene hvert år skal hedre årets ildsjeler.

    Lokalgruppene ble bedt om å nominerer sin/sine kandidater som ville motta prisen på seminardagene (

    Kriteriene for å bli årets ildsjel var:
    10 års medlemskap i NSFLOS
    Langvarig engasjement i lokalgruppa
    Har hatt tillitsverv i lokalgruppen, sittet i prosjektgrupper, samarbeidsutvalg eller lignende for å fremme NSFLOS sine interesser. Og /eller vist stort faglig engasjement på arbeidsplassen.

    Det var to kandidater som ble nominert og hedret i år:
    Grethe Dåvøy (Vestland) og Toril Hanssen (Trøndelag) fikk diplom med arteriepinsett i "gull".

    Vi gratulerer Grethe og Toril med årets ildsjel og takker for arbeidet og engasjementet de har og har hatt for operasjonssykepleierfaget!

    Bilde av Grethe Dåvøy og Torill Hansen
    Grete, Petrin og Toril
    Petrin og Toril
    Bilde av Grete og Petrin
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    Call for Abstract | deadline postponed

    The deadline for call for abstract realted to NORNA 2023 has been postponed.

    New deadline is: April 10th 2023

    Read more about NORNA 2023 - Call for abstract

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    NORNA 2023 - Call for abstract

    Radisson BLU Royal Bryggen 6-8 September 2023 
    NORNA 6th congress.

    ONE STEP AHEAD - Perspectives on Operating Room Nursing

    Download this announcement! (.pdf)

    NORNA invites perioperative nurses to submit abstracts to be considered for presentation at the 6th NORNA Congress in Bergen, Norway.

    Abstracts from colleagues from countries outside NORNA are also welcome.

    The aim of the conference is to share perspectives on operating room nursing, and how the future might influence or affect our role as operating room nurses. The theme of the congress is: One step ahead – perspectives on operating room nursing.

    The congress language is English and all abstracts should be written and presented in English.

    Clinical case studies

    During the 6th NORNA Congress we will have a new type of scientific session based on clinical case studies. We would like you to submit a case study, that you will be able to present and discuss during the NORNA Congress. This session will allow the audience and the chairs/board to discuss about your clinical case study. Each clinical case study will present a problematic which you encountered in your professional life (either personally or experienced by a colleague). Once the problematic is exposed to the audience and the board, a discussion will be opened to explore the different possible way to solve this issue. At the end of your presentation, you will explain to the audience how this problematic was solved. If you are interested, please submit a PDF file of your clinical case study.

    Abstracts in general subject areas relevant to the congress theme and aim, are welcomed for oral or poster presentation in the following categories:

    • Scientific research
    • Improvement knowledge/quality projects
    • Clinical case studies

    A scientific committee (SC) will evaluate all abstracts and posters for oral or poster presentation.

    Deadline: March 17th 2023.

    Any questions regarding submissions? Please feel free to contact us by sending an email to

    We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you in Bergen.


    Author Guidelines

    Submit your abstract/poster by uploading it as an attachment to 

    Your benefits if accepted as an oral speaker, is a free registration to the congress with lunch and coffee breaks included. Benefits for accepted posters will be 500 NOK. from the registration fee

    Criteria for abstract evaluation

    • Does the abstract follow the guidelines given for preparation of abstract?
    • Does the title of the presentation explain the contents of the abstract?
    • Does the language of the abstract indicate that the author can present the paper in
    • understandable English?
    • Does the abstract reflect the Congress theme?
    • Does the abstract have objectives for the Congress participant?
    • Will the subject be of use to the Congress participants in their own work settings?
    • Will the presentation encourage perioperative nurses to analyze current practice?
    • Will the presentation motivate perioperative nurses to develop their practice?


    • Scientific research, Improvement knowledge and Clinical case studies will be accepted
    • The length of the abstract should not exceed 250 words for scientific research and improvement knowledge, and for clinical case studies it will be no more than 500 words.

    All abstract should include

    • Name(s) of authors(s), underline presenter(s), institute and short biography and picture of the presenter(s).
    • Contact person, address, telephone and e-mail
    • Preferred type of presentation; paper or poster
    • Title of the abstract
    • Abbreviations must be defined the first time used
    • All accepted papers will be allowed 20-30 minutes for presentation and questions from the delegates.

    Author Guidelines

    • Presentations based on research studies should include: Title, background, research problem(s), goals, methodology and available results. Mention the key words at the end of the text
    • Presentations based on improvement knowledge/quality projects should include: Title, background, focus of interest, previous research and quality work, purpose and/or problem, theoretical framework and/ or model for quality improvement – present in relevant literature references, conclusions
    • Presentations based on clinical case description should include: Title, description of your case, questions related to your case to ask the audience during your presentation, conclusion: Add the learning points of your case in 2 or 3 bullet points

    Abstracts will only be accepted if they fulfil all of the above criteria and are received by the stated deadline.

    Handling of abstracts/ poster

    • the applicant sends his abstract electronically by email to the SC for consideration
    • the SC considers each abstract, selects and accepts those which are suitable for the scientific program
    • the SC informs the applicants about the outcome of the selection
    • the applicant must inform if he is willing to publish his lecture on line after a congress

    Thank you for submitting your abstract/poster to NORNA congress. You will hear from us as soon as we have evaluated all abstracts and compiled a scientific programme, at the latest in the beginning of May 2023.

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